The Quebec government maintains a list of all schools that have had one or more confirmed, active covid-19 cases in the previous 14 days. The figures on this site show these listings over time. Each dot represents a calendar day and is color-coded according to additional information provided in the list.

The list of schools is downloaded daily, processed and combined into a dataset. For the lists published before I began the daily downloads, I accessed the CCODWG Covid19 Canada Archive, which goes back to Feb 8, 2021. (The list has been available in PDF format since the beginning of the school year, also present in the archive. Processing these takes quite a bit more work; I may include this at a later time.)

In the figures, the following are abbreviated: École (É.); School (S.); Education (Ed.); Centre (C.); Centre de formation professionnelle (CFP); and Service régional de la formation professionnelle et du service aux entreprises Réseautact (SRFP Réseautact).

Keen observers of the figures will note some logical inconsistencies in the data. For instance, the codes for “newly listed” and “relisted previously affected” should not occur several days in a row, but rather only when a school is first (re)included in the list. I assume that such inconsistencies are due to data input errors, and I do not correct them.