These definitions are based on information on the INSPQ methodology and CISSS Outaouais pages; these sites can be consulted for more details.

Indicator Description
Active cases Number of confirmed cases that have not recovered or have died, aggregated at the regional or RLS level. Active cases contribute to the spread of infections.
Active hospitalizations Number of people currently in hospital with a covid-19 diagnosis, including people who received their leave during the day.
Average increase per day Average daily increase in cases over the last 7 days, calculated from available data; this eliminates day-to-day fluctuations and emphasises longer-term trends. (Official sources give the average of events of the selected day, the 3 previous days and the 3 following days, which produces the same line as the one used here, but shifted back by 3 days.)
Average positive tests per day Average number of people with at least one positive laboratory test result over the last 7 days. Only the first positive result of the first infectious episode of 90 days is counted.
Average testing per day Average daily number of covid-19 tests performed over the last 7 days. Each person is counted only once. People waiting for a result are excluded.
Average test positivity Average daily positive (confirmed) test results as a proportion of all tests carried out, expressed as percentage.
Cumulative cases Total cases to date since the start of the pandemic.
New cases Newly reported confirmed cases, including laboratory confirmed cases and epidemiologically linked cases, which are defined as “[corresponding] to a person who has developed compatible symptoms while having had a high-risk exposure with a laboratory-confirmed case.” INSPQ data do not include clinical cases.
New Hospitalizations Number of people newly admitted to hospital with covid-19 diagnosis. These data are recorded by health region of the patient’s residence, not the hospital location.
Persons tested Number of people who have had at least one test sample result. Each person is counted only once. People waiting for a result are excluded.
Persons tested positive Number of people with at least one positive laboratory test result. Only the first positive result of the first infectious episode of 90 days is counted.
Resolved/recovered cases Number of resolved cases at the regional level. Recovery criteria are determined by expert committees on the basis of scientific knowledge. A person is considered recovered when they meet the criteria for lifting isolation. The recovery status of a person is primarily determined by the responsible clinical teams or public health departments. Since the progress status is not always updated, however, an algorithm is applied daily to estimate the dates and number of recoveries based on other information in the health information system. Recovered cases presumably no longer contribute to the transmission of the disease.
Test positivity The percent positivity is the proportion of distinct covid-19 episodes among eligible tests in people susceptible to infection, calculated by dividing the number of confirmed (positive) cases by the total number of admissible tests. The number of eligible tests is the total number of screening tests performed (negative and positive), except those performed from day 2 to day 90 of an infectious episode.
Total cases Cumulative number of cases of infections to date, aggregated at the regional, RLS or municipal level. Also available broken down by residential and long-term care centres (CHSLD); private seniors’ residences (RPA); ressources intermédiaires and other facilities (“other”); and homes or unknown.
Total deaths Cumulative number of deaths at the regional level.
Total hospitalizations Cumulative number of new hospitalizations.
Total Vaccine doses administered Cumulative vaccine doses administered in the region.
Vaccine doses administered Daily vaccine doses administered in the region.